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Pao (say “pow”) shows you the coolest spots in whatever city you’re in.

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Post your favorite spots from around the world. Pao will organize them into your own beautiful profile.

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Search through hidden gems only, no tourist traps or negative reviews. Only the best.

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No information overload. Sleek design and minimalism is what Pao is all about.

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Pao users are doers who just want to find and share the coolest spots as they experience the world.

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Check out our Pao Blog to get a feel for the hidden gems you’ll find on the app. From the best taco joints to secret European villages, Pao highlights the coolest finds around the world.

colorful street with flowers

Finding the Hidden Gems in Colombia, 23 and Solo

Growing up I had always been a bit of a wuss when it came solo travel because it was easier, cheaper and supposedly safer traveling with other people. It wasn’t until I had a mini life crisis that I finally developed an itch to travel somewhere far away, by myself. Despite my friends and family’s protest, I hopped on a plane from LAX (jk it was Denver) to Colombia. This is what went down.

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Interior Design Inspo from the most Stunning Hotels around the World

If home is where the heart is, why don’t we put all our heart into making our house the perfect home? There’s no time like the present! From a luxury look, to countryside cottage, to a minimalistic manor, make your house resemble who you ARE! Taking inspiration from our favourite Pao spots, here are our top tips to redesign your home.

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