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15 Vegan Restaurants that every Foodie should put on their Bucket List

Welcome to the mother load list of some of the best Vegan restaurants around the world! Vegan food is becoming more and more popular around the world and we are here👏 for 👏 it👏! These tasty spots will even have all the non-vegans drooling.

1. Sea Circus

Kuta, Indonesia

Not only does this spot have the “best vegan food ever” but it’s also artistic AF. Enjoy a yummy brunch and make sure you snap a couple pics so you can brag about this vegan hot spot.

2. Plant Food and Wine

Los Angeles, California

An upscale, all vegan restaurant on a famous street in LA called Abbot Kinney. Not only is the food itself delicious but the presentation is impeccable. Bring your non-vegan friends and even they’ll be impressed.

3. Voodoo Doughnut

Portland, Oregon

This may be a chain but they do not disappoint when it comes to perfecting every delicious, vegan doughnut they serve. Their incorporation of bright colors and funky designs make it even more appealing. This place is the perfect spot for a quick and sugary vegan treat!

4. Honeybee’s

New York, New York

You might be fooled into thinking this juicy burger and fried chicken are meat based but THINK AGAIN. This all vegan restaurant serves up the junk that you’ve been craving and does at fantastic job at making everything extremely flavorful. Stop by if you’re trying to eat your night away.

5. Pandora Greenbox

Split, Croatia

This is an adorable “plant based food” cafe that has great lunch food and juices to accompany your meal. They did a great job at decorating the indoors to mimic the outdoors so it feels as if you’re sitting outside even when you’re not!

6. Tianchu Miaoxiang

Beijing, China

The perfect place to try authentic Chinese food even if you’re vegan. It’s said that the more you go to this restaurant, the more you crave it. So be prepared to stay in China for a while if you try this hidden gem.

7. Liife

Paris, France

A refreshing, healthy and delicious vegan/vegetarian based restaurant, which is a rarity in Paris. An added bonus is that the restaurant architecture is green – meaning that everything used to make this cafe is environmentally friendly. If you find yourself in the city of love, cruise over to enjoy a healthy breakfast while you gaze out their open windows.

8. La Veranda

Milan, Italy

Usually Italian chefs don’t like to create any alternatives to their hand crafted menu but surprisingly this restaurant has created it’s own full vegan tasting menu and WOW is it incredible. The best part of the tasting menu is the delicate chocolate cake so make sure you save room to give it a taste.

9. Modern Times Dankness Dojo

Los Angeles, California

A very cool brewery with a vintage vibe in downtown LA that has an 100% vegan menu! Finally a brewery where you can order a late night vegan snack! Go in to enjoy the funky art, buzzing brew and vegan bites.

10. Charly’s Vegan Tacos

Tulum, Mexico

A casual vegan joint that offers an array of Mexican delights, with tacos being their specialty. After you scarf down some light and tasty tacos, grab a hammock to unwind in. A very chill, tropical vibe.

11. Make Out

Los Angeles, California

This restaurant is owned by Matthew Kinney, a top vegan chef, making the vegan menu here off the charts. Grab a hearty lunch and then check out their bookshelves o find multiple books on vegan diets, recipes and superfoods for purchase.

12. Arva by Atman Tokyo

Chiyoda-ku, Japan

An eclectic restaurant at the top of the Atman hotel in Tokyo that has great vegan lunch options! The gnocchi and fruit plate are to die for. Definitely a fine dining experience that is sure to leave you dreaming about this meal for a while.

13. Gracias Madre

Los Angeles, California

This trendy vegan Mexican food is one of LA’s favorite restaurants. Everything about this places comes together so perfectly with a light atmosphere, colorful, tasty dishes and a cool vibe. Even if you typically avoid spots that are “too LA”, you must check this one out. It’s worth your while 10 times outta 10.

14. The Cashew Tree

Bali, Indonesia

This restaurant isn’t all vegan BUT it has some of the best vegan options of ALL TIME. Someone said it was, no exaggeration, the best meal of their entire life! Everything in this place makes your happy from the food itself to the atmosphere, prices and staff. An underrated spot no doubt.

15. Stubborn Seed

Miami, Florida

Last on our list is this Miami Beach find that has beautifully crafted vegan food. There’ are many vegan dishes on the menu that are made from foods you’ve probably never tasted before. If you’re looking for a delicious and special experience, you’ve found you’re spot.

Did these vegan finds pump you up? If so, there’s a lot more where that came from. Download Pao now to start browsing over 300+ of the best vegan options across the globe.


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