A Weekend Guide to the Hidden Gems in Colombo, Sri Lanka

If you’re visiting anywhere in Sri Lanka you’re most likely going to travel through Colombo, the capital city, since the main international airport is located there. This city wins first place for negative reviews online. Before visiting, almost everyone mentioned, or rather insisted, that I skip Colombo and head straight to my first destination on the Southern coast. Little did they know, I’m addicted to doing what everyone recommends against, and luckily for me, I was traveling with my boyfriend who thinks the same way! We decided to spend the last 3 days of our 3.5 week trip in the country in this interesting, bustling city of Colombo, and boy did we love it! Colombo is a seriously hectic place, but if you search hard enough you can find some really unique spots. Take advantage of our research for your next visit! Enjoy!

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