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Black Owned Businesses to Support in London

Written by Georgie Murrin

As the largest city in the UK, London is home to one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world. As such, London’s foodie scene reflects the range of multiculturalism, serving up dishes from around the globe. Despite the diversity, BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) business owners only make up 7.1% of the UK owned food and drink industry, meaning an even smaller percentage are Black owned. In recent months, it has become apparently clear that we need to work harder, and provide space for Black voices to amplify. This London themed ‘day of eating’ does just that, while enjoying flavours from around the world, exploring the hidden gems the city has to offer, and supporting Black businesses when they need it most. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Scroll down to check out my day in London supporting Black Owned Businesses!


Dark Sugars


“This is the craziest chocolate store I’ve ever seen! They were bumpin music and I wandered in. Their chocolate selection is just WOW…I mean look at it. And the hot chocolate….so beautiful and SO GOOD. Definitely go.”




“Super unique black owned gift shop, with amazing POC cookbooks and prints along with other awesome nick nacks! I bought a book about the best vegan eats in London 🥑💫 I can’t wait to visit them all!”


Blank Brixton


“Super trendy brunch spot that has amazing food (the sweet corn fritters are delish!), fabulous coffee and just a great vibe. Another awesome black owned spot, in the heart of buzzing Brixton! Perfect for vegans and vegetarians!!”


Saint Aymes

Connaught Village

“This really is the prettiest café in London! They do a fabulous afternoon tea with cakes and fizz 🧁🥂! Fun and owned by two lovely black sisters, who make the most amazing rainbow drinks 🌈. It’s a bit on the pricy side but if you order a single sweet to-go, it’s affordable and you still get to experiences the spot. A must visit!!”

Meet Georgie!

Pao Username: @georgiemurrin

Bio: Hiya!! I’m an Australian-English, London raised girl, currently living and attending University in Scotland! Trying my best to find the hidden gems around me…and skipping class when I can to hop around the world!

Fun Fact: During lockdown, I had a week where my family and I cooked meals and made cocktails inspired by the 7 continents! It was so fun to try new dishes.

My fav part of Pao: I love using Pao when I go traveling, especially on a student budget as there are often lots of hidden, free spots to explore!

Download Pao now and add Georgie to see all of her hidden gems from across the globe!

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