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Creative Ways to Kill Time During Quarantine

written by Anna Zervos

When you need a break from the Netflix, Insta, Snap, Facebook, and Tik Tok rotation, it's time to get a little creative. We're all just waiting for this time to be over, but while we wait, we might as well try something new to cure the boredom. Take a look at our list below to get some ideas!

1. Set up a Photoshoot
Woman holding phone and taking a photo of herself in the mirror outside in the grass.

Tons of Instagram influencers and creators (like @tezza in the picture) are taking their mirrors outside and to capture some stunning selfies! So put on a cute outfit, get your mirror, and head to the backyard and see what happens. If you don’t have a yard, no problem. Set up some backdrops inside, put the camera on a chair and snap away. Hello, new profile picture!

2. Find a new Foreign Bae
Man and woman holding hands, walking their dog, crossing a bridge to the beach.

Tinder recently updated its features so you can now set your location to anywhere! For fun, maybe check out some peeps in some foreign lands: Rome, Athens, Madrid, Tokyo, Toronto, Stockholm, and Berlin? There are so many choices, you could try a different location everyday! You can also check out Zoom University which is a social dating service that sets you up on~virtual~ double dates with your best friend. Who knows – maybe you’ll find your soulmate 😉

3. Get Crafty
Scissors, flowers, and string laid out on the table.

So many artists are offering online workshops and teaching their craft! Have you ever thought about learning crafty skills like embroidery, macrame, or calligraphy? Now is your chance! Some of them will even send the materials right to your door, so you don’t have to leave the house.

4. Create a Beautiful Virtual Travel Journal
An iPhone with a view of the Pao app screen.

If you have a million travel photos on your phone sitting there in your camera roll, maybe it’s time to start organizing them! When you post your favorite spots on Pao, the app will organize them into beautiful location boards so you’ll never forget where you’ve been. It’s like making your own travel blog without all the hassle! Plus you can relive your old travels since we can’t do any new traveling right now :/ Click here to try it out!

5. Paint Anything and Everything
A pineapple completely painted in white and light orange.

Order some paint online and get going. You could try painting an accent wall in your home like this. Or start with something smaller, like pebble painting or repurposing old cans or bottles. You can even just drop paint in the bottles and shake it around like this girl did! The possibilities are truly endless.

6. Show your friends some lovin’
A hand holding a handmade postcard.

When you’re sick of FaceTiming but you still want to show your friends you love and miss them… we’ve got you covered. One idea: create a collaborative play list on Spotify so you each can add in your favorite songs at the moment. Another idea: send a good old-fashioned letter or postcard! It will be cute to look back on them one day. Finally: (if you’re over 21) try out some Zoom drinking games like Never Have I Ever, Would you Rather, or Power Hour.

7. Create your own Spa at home
Bath salts, towel, candle, and soap laid out on a table.

We could all use some self-lovin’ so why not create a DIY spa at home? First, what is a spa day without some fruit infused water? Then, scope out these different recipes to make faces masks, using ingredients from your kitchen. Next move on to body scrubs to leave your skin feeling super smooth! Get all the info and ingredients you need for those here. How about trying out some funky manicures? Nail salons around the world are showing you how to do nail art at home, so give it a try (and if you mess up, who cares?).

8. *Try* to cook recipes from famous restaurants
A plate with avocado, radishes, eggs, tomatoes, and salad on a table with ingredients laid around it.

Man we miss restaurants. But while we stay inside, we can try to bring some of them home with us. Lots of famous restaurants from around the world are sharing some of their recipes online or through their cookbooks. We’ve sorted through them and picked out some of our favorites for you. Even if you’re not a pro chef, it’s still fun to try!

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Anna Zervos


Anna graduated from UCLA in 2017 where she studied psychology and cognitive science. Her passion for travel, design, and psychology fuel her passion for Pao. On the Pao team she is in charge of feature development, business strategy, UI/UX, and big picture marketing strategies. Anna has been to over 40 countries and plans to keep that number growing. She hopes to inspire people to get outside their comfort zones and eventually give back to people who aren’t able to.

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