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Fall in Love with These Valentine’s Day Hidden Gems

Roses are red, violets are blue, we hope that these lovely spots will inspire you! For all you lovers out there, check out these adorable spots to warm your heart on this Valentine's Day! XOXO, The Pao Team!

1. Ojalà

Madrid, Spain

This place is so unique and fun! The upstairs is full of beautiful hanging plants, and downstairs there is a funky sand floor. Even the bathrooms are cool, with mirrors and neon hearts. Go for brunch or for drinks. You’ll have a great time either way!

2. IceCreamTon

Huntington Beach, California

This is a delicious ice cream spot with a little twist! They also offer a heart shaped churro to go with your ice cream. The churros are made fresh, and they have so many ice cream flavors to choose from!

3. New York Café

Budapest, Hungary

It doesn’t get more elegant than this! Order a coffee and take in the grand decor. Built in the Italian Renaissance style, New York Café is one of Budapest’s oldest cafés and was a favorite of writers and editors at the turn of the 20th century.


Ann Arbor, Michigan

UMMA (or the University of Michigan Museum of Art) is full of unique multimodal works. With art ranging from ancient to contemporary, it has one of the oldest collections of any university in the United States and also features outdoor sculptures and a gift shop!

5. Printa Cafe

Bangkok, Thailand

This lovely brunch spot is right in the heart of Bangkok! Printa Cafe offers plenty of healthy classics and tasty Asian fusion dishes. It’s tucked away in a small alley – a true hidden gem!

6. Alpine Modern Café

Boulder, Colorado

Alpine Modern Café is the perfect spot to grab a drink and work all day. They have cool indoor seating as well as a nice outdoor patio. The pretty lattes will leave you all warm and fuzzy! What’s not to love?

7. Maison Marou Hanoi

Hoàn Kiếm, Vietnam

This place is a chocolate lover’s dream! Sit and enjoy a gourmet hot chocolate along with the best chocolate chip cookie ever made as you watch the chocolatiers at work. If you’re looking to try something adventurous, they even sell Pho-flavored truffles!

8. Museum of Broken Relationships

Zagreb, Croatia

This museum features mementos from past relationships, along with a short description of each item. Using creativity to overcome emotional collapse, it offers a glimpse into love (and heartbreak) around the globe. Be sure to bring tissues; it’s a heart-wrenching experience!

9. Saint Aymes

London, United Kingdom

Roses galore, this is the prettiest café in London! They have a fabulous afternoon tea with cakes and fizz. The two kind owners make the most amazing rainbow drinks!

10. Lovers’ Lane at the Presidio

San Francisco, California

A stroll through Lovers’ Lane provides a peaceful (and romantic) escape from the bustling city! The winding tree trunk path is one of three art installations in the Presidio by the iconic artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Want to fall in love with more great spots? Download Pao to find hidden gems around the world!

Curated by Pao team member Emily Davidson!

Pao username @emilyd

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