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Holiday Gift Guide to Shopping Small in the Bay Area

Welcome to the Bay Area Gift Guide for shopping small! We've hand picked 10 of our fave local shops around the Bay and shared gift ideas for each spot! It's super important to help support small businesses this year since so many of them are facing closures due to the new difficulties of operating in a pandemic. Show your support by shopping small this December in the Bay!

Specialty chocolate candies, bars and more!

Dandelion Chocolate

You might know this chocolate shop from the famous Ferry Building down in Embarcadero! They’re Valencia St and Ferry Building locations are still open for contact-less pick up. They’re currently selling all sorts of chocolate goodies like hot cocoa, toffee packs, chocolate bar sets and more! Their online store has all their products available for purchase as well! PS…you must try their s’mores bar if you go in store!

Female-owned, sustainable and curated vintage goods!

Indigo Vintage Co-op

This co-op is a female-owned and operated storefront that proudly calls their team the #indigogirls. They focus on promoting women, the LGBTQ community and POC in a space that’s mostly male-dominant. Their shop is an array of different vendors that support their beliefs and also the environment! Overall, this place not only offers super cute, unique items, but they do so while advocating for important causes!

Glass making class!

Slow Burn Glass

Slow burn glass’ mission is to create unsurpassed glass art and share the joy of glass blowing with the public! They have created a new protocol for their classes, limiting the count to 2 people per class so that they can still share the art of glass blowing with the people of the bay area. It’s the perfect gift for someone who loves getting a unique experience instead of a material present!

Tools for nomads!


Topdrawer sells unconventional items for nomads! They have things ranging from bento boxes to vintage cameras, Japanese Handkerchiefs and stationaries. If you have someone who likes to keep their stuff organized and clean but also stylish, this is the place to go for them!

Holiday floral arrangements!

Brother & Sisters Flower Shop

This local flower shop does delivery 7 days a week, curbside pick up and they have personal appointment time slots as well! They specialize in creating the perfect floral arrangement for any occasion. Right now they’ve been making some beautiful holiday table settings and bouquets to bring to your host! In stead of picking up your flowers from a big chain grocer this year, go check this place out!

Vintage jeans!

Slash Denim

Slash denim has so many jeans it’ll blow your mind! They have skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, jean jackets and so much more. Nothing completes an outfit like the perfect pair of jeans so if you pull off gifting someone an awesome pair, they’ll love you forever for it! See their online store if you’re shopping from home this year!

Signature coffee blends from Santa Cruz, CA!

Verve Coffee Roasters

This local coffee shop started off in Santa Cruz, CA where they prided themselves in making their coffee only with vintage roasters! Their culture is very much based around surfing and other beach oriented activities. On top of their cool coffee blends they also sell teas and fun merch!

Comics, graphic novels and back issues!

Blue Moon Comics

This Marin county local comic book shop as been around for 22 years! They sell new comics, graphic novels, back issues, t-shirts toys and statues. You can also place a special request for a specific comic or graphic novel that you’re on the search for! And yes…they sell baby Yoda dolls. Win.

A modern Bohemian retreat!

Indian Springs Calistoga

This iconic Napa valley retreat focuses on being a relaxing and unique hotel experience. They have olive and palm trees planted throughout the grounds and they also preserved an old 1910 mineral pool! There are endless things to do here from wine tasting to massages, cruiser biking and more! Our personal favorite activity is an insane mud bath! Treat your special someone this holiday season to an unforgettable, luxury experience up north!

Local clothing, trinkets and more!

Oakland Supply Co.

This concept store stocks an eclectic array of jewelry, clothing, trinkets & leather goods in an industrial warehouse. They like to sell from local vendors like Oaklandish and Mollusk Surf Shop and also from local sports teams like the As and Warriors! This is a great place to come check out for your male friends and fam!

Those are just 10 out of the hundreds of local Bay Area businesses that you can support this holiday season! Click the button below to see all the #paoworthy places that have been uploaded to Pao in the Bay!

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