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Interior Design Inspo from the most Stunning Hotels around the World

Written by Maria Horsfall

If home is where the heart is, why don’t we put all our heart into making our house the perfect home? There’s no time like the present! From a luxury look, to countryside cottage, to a minimalistic manor, make your house resemble who you ARE! Taking inspiration from our favourite Pao spots, here are our top tips to redesign your home.


Inspired by: Racconto Boutique Design Hotel, Cavo Tagoo Mykonos and Hotel Casa Del Mar

Many people say, less is more! Minimalistic houses are an amazing way to keep your house classy and your mind clean. The main importance here is that if it’s not necessary – CHUCK IT! Focus not only on minimalist furniture and accessories but also minimalistic colours. Here are some cheap things you can do in quaratine to get this look:

Black and White

Get your painting robes on! Minimalistic means simple. Try to not mix too many colours together and stay in line with soft tones, white, nudes, greys (black as well but this is the exception). Keeping to only a certain set of colours on the walls and avoiding wallpapers and patterns helps emphasise that essence of a clean room!


There’s no point in painting your walls to have a clean fresh ambiance in a room if it’s full of clutter. Stick to basic necessities. When having arrangements on show, keep them to one colour theme (gold, silver and green are popular and you can easily buy spray cans of them). Equally distance the items to make the room appear to have more space.


Art always makes a room more classy and expensive, but you don’t necessarily have to be classy nor buy something expensive to achieve this. The best bit about minimalistic art is that anyone can do it! Spend a day in the garden and splatter some paint on that canvas. This would be an excellent way to destress as well.


Having a fresh mindset isn’t all about what looks clean, you need to FEEL it too! Get rid of those cardboard boxes and then head to amazon to buy yourself a set of storage boxes and label makers!


Inspired by: Crossroads, Celestino Boutique Hotel, Nômade

Integrating an earthy vibe into your home has said to be a great way to make your surroundings feel more one with nature! Many hotels across the globe have adopted this natural look as their aesthetic and they quickly became some of the most popular hotels out there. Here are some simple steps that you can do to bring life into your home.


No surprise here! Purchase a stand up fig plant or a wrap around vine for your home to bring in pure happiness. If you enjoy taking care of something, consider a live plant and you’ll get the added benefit of a refreshing smell. If you like to keep things simple and run a low maintenance household, try incorporating fake plants to still get that natural look in your home.


If you’re bringing multiple plants and other nature decor into your home, make sure to leave enough open space so it doesn’t get too crowded in there. If you like a more dense plant look, try incorporating one or two simple, small pieces of furniture. Unless you want to feel like you’re living in a jungle, then go all out!

Earthy Tones

Choose colors like beige, brown, light yellows and blues to mirror a natural setting like a forrest or a garden. So, to keep things true to nature, consider selecting earthy tones for the base walls and furniture.


Incorporating prints in your home can really help save you money while still achieving a nature based look! If you’re on a budget and don’t want to drop a ton of dough on plants and other natural decor, try making one wall or a stand out piece of furniture a print that replicates something found in nature. We typically like the look of animal, floral and wood prints.


Inspired by: Hôtel Costes, Rosewood Miramar Beach, La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa

Everyone likes to be treated like royalty, so why not recreate it? Find inspiration through the architecture of places like Palace of Versailles to make your very own luxury Palace! Here are some cheap things you can do in quaratine to get this look:


Plaster your walls. Add subtle wallpapers! Add some carpet and some mirrors. All these simple tasks create depth that make the room look more open and homely!


Get your spray paint ready! Gold makes something look 10 times more expensive. Match it to furniture in other royal colours such as deep purples and maroons for a royal palace look.


When someone sees something antique, they automatically think it means it’s expensive (marble is my personal favourite). Collect used furniture from your families, the older the better and pay attention to detail on the furniture.


Some textures just LOOK expensive, but you don’t necessarily have to have the real deal. Focus on satins and velvet cottons or quilted items. And don’t forget to chop your pillows to make them look more fluffy and feathery!


Inspired by: Graduate Nashville, Lydmar Hotel and Chevre d’or

Not a fan of minimalistic? Go for the complete opposite look: boutique! Boutique hotels encompass everything modern, abnormal and special all into one look. This is a really easy and CHEAP way to spice up your house. Add some pop of colour and apply special personal memories of yours. A house shows what a heart feels, make it personal! Here are some cheap things you can do in quaratine to get this look:


Find all those quirky figurines that you don’t know where they came from or what they are for and EMBRACE THEM! They don’t need to have a meaning to be pretty. This could be from old magazines for a vintage look or souvenirs from previous holidays. This will also help make your home more personal. 

Mix and Match Colors

Boutique style is all about being trendy and modern. Add a pop of colour! A great way to do this is to paint just one wall in the room a stand out colour since it’ll draw attention without it being too much.


Boutique hotels take a huge focus on shapes, patterns and geometrics. Play around with your furniture, think about if it’s horizontal, vertical, round or pointed and combine them rather than setting a pattern for each room!


Similar to mix and matching colours, mix and match prints! This can be easily done by swapping some cushions or cutting out some old blankets and remaking them into covers!


Inspired by: Srilax, Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate & Spa and Abode Bombay

Spa holidays are ALL about getting in touch with your inner senses, relaxing and just taking the time to connect with your inner self, and what a better time to do so than in quarantine? Here are some cheap things you can do in quaratine to get this look:


This can easily be done by lighting a candle or adding some flowers, but if you feel like being a bit more adventurous, make your own smells! Bathbombs, room sprays and candles can be easily DIYed using everyday household products.


Light and space is everything to clear the mind! Paint your walls a light shade to create the appearance of more space. Make sure you let light come through the windows, get rid of those old navy curtains and remake some new ones with some sheets that will let light shine through! If the sun doesn’t follow your house in it’s favour, invest in some clearer lamps that will extend the light, or even patterned glass that will create light patterns in the room!


Recycle some old textures! From woods to satins to flowers, focus on nature to make you feel zen. A simple touch can calm the soul.


This one is simply the easiest yet! Take some time off to relax, maybe even do some yoga, and play some meditation/calming songs using spotify or youtube.


Inspired by: Killiehuntly Farmhouse, Lundies House and The Lodge

You can find countryside inspiration from Northern Italy to the South of France! Adding outside features and incorporating them into your house helps create that perfect holiday home. Here are some cheap things you can do in quarantine to get this look:


Every country house has its finest antique china on show. Find your coolest plate sets and make sure they are placed in either a shelf or a glass cupboard instead of hiding them away.


The more the better! Polish your finest wood or even thrift some online. From dining tables to high ceiling beams, match the oak to some woven baskets to get that northern Italy tuscany vibe.


 No vintage house does it quite like a countryside manor. Add vintage pastels, specifically baby blues, creams and greens to add a hint of Southern France, which also go really well with the wood!

Fresh Food

Every countryside farm house prides itself on fresh and organic food. Try growing your own herbs and make sure your fruit is always on show in a bowl. Fake it til you make it!


Inspired by: Hôtel Montana Paris, Hotel Casa Gloria, W Aspen

If you’re an indecisive person and can’t decide on one single aesthetic, why not try them all! Filling your space with tons of color, art, shapes, and textures can look amazing when done right. Take inspiration from these hotels who are mastering the art of funky and eclectic styling:

Bold colors

Add some pops of color wherever you want. Could be an arm chair, a flowering plant, or the color you paint your wall. Or all three…you do you 😉


Combine different aesthetics! Think minimalist meets boutique meets spa meets luxe. Play with different furniture, lighting, curtains, wallpaper, carpet, and art decor to achieve a truly funky look.


Fill your spaces with some beautiful art! You can make your own, thrift, check Etsy, or find some new artists on Instagram! Even just one colorful painting can change your room dramatically.


To make sure your space doesn’t look like its ~too~ all over the place, try to coordinate some items to be matching. Maybe your couch pillows can match a part of your wall art. Or maybe your lamp can match with your flowers.

Name: Maria Horsfall
Pao username: @mlhorsfall
About: Maria is a lover for boujee on a budget! From weekends away in Europe to month long retreats in Asia, Maria enjoys trying to find the best known deals to travel in style. Maria found her love for travelling during her gap year after visiting over 20 cities and since then she hasn’t been able to stop! After her gap year, Maria moved to study a BSc in Nottingham whilst interning as a Content Creator with Pao. She particularly enjoys using Pao to exchange experiences and for tips on finding the best locations to go to. You are most likely to find her in a boutique cocktail bar, trying out a native restaurant or expanding her wardrobe in a local market!

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