Pao x Small Businesses

Calling all businesses who are looking for a better way to bring in new customers existing customers back!

Times have been tough with everyone stuck at home and Pao would like to help. In the short term, we are trying to provide Pao’s users with inspirational blogs featuring things they can experience now – while under stay at home restrictions – or ideas for the future, when they can get out. These blogs feature businesses all over the world!

Are you a restaurant, a museum, a boutique store, a bowling alley, a club, hotel, a spa – any business that offers customers something cool to do either now or when the world opens up? If you have a great story or a great product that you would like us to consider featuring in an upcoming blog, drop us a line at

In the coming months, Pao will be building a business platform that we believe will replace Yelp. Our platform will allow companies to send notifications straight thru to Pao’s users, in an easy, cheap, and targeted fashion. Pao’s users are ALL looking to do things outside their home, and primarily spend money in the process – unlike users on Facebook, Instagram or other social platforms. Pao isn’t about reviews or negativity, all posts are positive recommendations – unlike Yelp.

So if you’d like to be able to send a dedicated customer base specific messages on deals, updates, etc, whenever you like, reach out to us if you’d like to be part of our free beta period.

Email to partner with us and create a positive marketplace where businesses can interact with the people who are looking to spend money experiencing their cool offerings.