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The Perfect Gift Guide to Shopping Small Near Boulder and Denver, CO!

With so many local shops in the Boulder/Denver area, it's super easy to shop small this holiday season! We've hand picked our top 10 small businesses in the Boulder/Denver area AND listed out great gift ideas at each spot just for you! Grab your wallets, hot winter drink and start shopping small now!

Janis Joplin inspired gifts and trinkets!

Little Piece of My Heart

Pop into the 60’s, slip on your bell bottoms and funky glasses and get groovy! Inspired by the iconic Janis Joplin, this new shop is a spiritual, psychedelic, trinket and vintage heaven! Everything is handpicked and super cute, from clothes to mugs, bags, cards and crystals! A must see when shopping around in downtown BoCo!

A pamper package!

Alchemy Face Bar

This clean and trendy face bar does everything from facials to tinting, eye lash extensions and waxing! They sell a lot of their in store products and they also have a makeup line of their own! Your friend or family member who loves a good pamper day would honestly love anything from this shop.

Personal styling!

A Line Boutique

A sophisticated and sleek Women’s boutique in Denver that has all your classic apparel items and a tons of super cute, upscale accessories! The coolest part it that they offer personal styling appointments! It’s the perfect gift for your loved one who’s been wanting to change up their look but doesn’t know where to start.

Vinyl and record players!

Boogie Records

THE place to go for your music crazy loved one! This shop buys and sells vinyl and record players so they are constantly getting in new material! They even update their website on a weekly basis to show off what their inventory looks like so you can check out what they have before you make the drive up to Nederland! Make sure to ask the staff for some of their hidden gem recommendations! Do note they are only open Thurs-Sun right now!

Plants, garden ware and ceramics!

Birdsall & Co.

This garden boutique has it all when it comes to plants and garden decor! Wether you’re looking for a small succulent to add to your BFF’s collection or you’re trying to help mom and dad out with the backyard remodel, they have everything you could ever want gardening wise! It’s also just a nice shop to explore since it smells amazing and has a very relaxing vibe.


Modern Nomad

Modern Nomad is basically a warehouse full of different vendors selling all sorts of goods! From soaps to kitchen ware, furniture, cards or water bottles, they seriously have it all! This is the perfect store to check out if you don’t really know what you’re looking for! They are showcasing different gift packs on their IG right now too so make sure to check those out!

Men’s hip clothing and accessories!


Do you have a hip boi you’re trying to get a gift for? If so, you’ve hit gold with this trendy shop! They have colored bucket hats, funky patterned sweaters and of course, T-shirts of all sorts! Check them out online or in store for some Mensware gift ideas!

80s throwback items!

Fifty Two 80’s A Totally Awesome Shop

A store dedicated to 80’s toys and trinkets. Wow. Find the perfect gift for a parent or older mate who was (or is still) obsessed with the 80’s! You know they’ll love your gift because they’ll get to talk on and on about how it used to be the cool thing back in the “good ol days”!

Chocolate gift packs!

Piece Love and Chocolate

This chocolate shop has numerous different flavors and styles of chocolate candies and goodies to try! You can find the perfect little package to bring home as a “Thank You” to your host or to send to your boss or co-workers as a “Happy Holidays” present! They also give classes on chocolate making and more!

Artisan botanicals – stocking stuffers!

Alpine Botanicals

A woman-owned, solar-powered and nature-inspired artisan apothecary shop up in the mountains! They sell all sorts of oils for skin and body care and aromatherapy! They also have teas and other products that help boost your immune system and make you feel all warm inside for the winter season! Great stocking stuffers and present toppers!

Those are just 10 out of the hundreds of small businesses that you can support this holiday season in the Boulder/Denver area! Click the button below to see all the #paoworthy spots that have been uploaded to Boulder, Denver and their surrounding towns!

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