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Travel Destinations with the Best Street Art around the World

written by Anna Zervos

Even if they're not art obsessed, most people’s eyes brighten at the sight of colorful street art. There’s something awe-inspiring about wandering down small streets in hipster neighborhoods and viewing the diverse art from locals. It doesn’t hurt to take some new photos for the ‘gram either. Below we’ve listed out some of our favorite destinations to see street art around the world that you may not know about!

Beco do Batman

Sao Paolo, Brazil

The entire neighborhood called “Vila Madelena” in Sao Paolo, Brazil is known for its hipster shops, cafes, and most importantly: street art. First head to “Beco do Batman” (aka Batman’s Alley) which has graffiti art from some of the most famous street artists around the world! Every inch of the alleyway is covered with art, but make sure to explore the surrounding streets to see some more hidden gem art pieces. Pro tip: if you want the full experience, you can actually book a lesson with a local graffiti artist!

Place du Tertre

Paris, France

This little artsy area is located in Montmarte up by Sacre Coeur. You’ll find tons of art studios, little shops, and murals painted on the cute buildings. Every day tons of artists set up their stalls and will offer to paint your portrait (for a high price of course). 

Wynwood Walls

Miami, Florida

If you are an art lover, Wynwood should be the first place on your bucket list! Every inch of this neighborhood is covered with art, from the walls to the street signs, to the parking lots, to the trees. The Wynwood Walls are at the epicenter, so start there and then make your way wandering the streets. The art is literally never ending and always changing, what more could you want? 

Shoreditch High Street

London, England

Welcome to the hipster capital of London, filled with vintage shops, cool cafes, music videos, and by far the best street art in the city. Walk down the little streets and make your way to the Nomadic Garden which is surrounded by long stretches of graffiti and art. This area always brings color and happiness to your day (even if it’s cloudy and raining, which it most likely will be). 

RiNo Art District

Denver, Colorado

Another amazingly hip area filled with the best restaurants, boutique shops, and street art! You’ll find little side streets that have the best opportunities for photo-ops! Start on Lorimer street and then head east to find some back alleys with the best art of all. 

Cerro Alegre

Valparaiso, Chile

Known as “Valpo” to the locals, everywhere you turn in this city there is incredible street art, it’s on every single building! Many say this town is the mecca of street art in all of South America and you’ll see why. Famous artists from around the world travel here to this “open canvas”. 

There is more where that came from! To save these spots and discover 100’s more artsy destinations, Download Pao now.

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